25 Creepy Movies For Halloween You May Not Have Seen

Ti West's The Innkeepers

Ti West’s The Innkeepers

I’ve always had taste for the obscure, and being a fan of horror, I often find myself gravitating towards some of lesser known scary films out there. Every October, it’s my Halloween tradition to have a month long marathon of my favorite scary/horror movies.

This year for Halloween I wanted to make a list and share of some of my favorite creepy movies that are a bit more under the radar than the typical Halloween classics.

So here it is, my Top 25 Creepy Movies For Halloween You May Not Have Seen.
The films are in chronological order, with the year of release, and the name of the Director.

I hope this list inspires some new selections in your own personal Halloween movie marathons and I’m always looking for suggestions, so feel free share your favorite.

Eduardo Sanchez's Altered

Eduardo Sanchez’s Altered

Ryan’s Top 25 Creepy Movies For Halloween
You Might Not Have Seen 
  1. The Changeling (1980) Peter Medak
  2. Strange Invaders (1983) Michael Laughlin
  3. Re-Animator (1985) Stuart Gordon
  4. From Beyond (1986) Stuart Gordon
  5. Night Of The Creeps (1986) Fred Dekker
  6. Monster Squad (1987) Fred Dekker
  7. Nightbreed (1990) Clive Barker
  8. Trauma (1993) Dario Argento
  9. Cronos (1993) Guillermo del Toro
  10. Cube (1997) Vincenzo Natali
  11. Kolobos (1999) Daniel Liatowitsch, David Todd Ocvirk
  12. Session 9 (2001) Brad Anderson
  13. The Devils Backbone (2001) Guillermo del Toro
  14. Bubba-Ho Tep (2002) Don Coscarelli
  15. Undead (2003) The Spierig Brothers
  16. Feast (2005) John Gulager
  17. Jenifer (2005) Dario Argento
  18. Altered (2006) Eduardo Sanchez
  19. Seventh Moon (2008) Eduardo Sanchez
  20. Let The Right One In (2008) Tomas Alfredson
  21. Midnight Meat Train (2008) Ryuhei Kitamura
  22. House of The Devil (2009) Ti West
  23. Lovely Molly (2011) Eduardo Sanchez
  24. The Innkeepers (2011) Ti West
  25. John Dies At The End (2012) Don Coscarelli

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