Bird That Landed on Bernie Sanders Podium was Actually Hillary Clinton Spy Drone


Portland, Oregon— The nation has been captivated by the bird that landed on Senator Bernie Sanders podium Thursday at a rally in Portland , but further investigation suggests the bird may have been a Hillary Clinton spy drone disguised as a bird and sent to gather intelligence.

“I thought I was having a legitimate moment with a real bird.” said Sanders after the rally “but now, it looks like it may have been a spy drone in birds clothing, like that mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans.”

When asked how the drone theory emerged, Sanders said he couldn’t say much because it was an ongoing investigation, but he told us that his secret service tracked the bird after it flew from the podium to an alley behind the rally where it landed on the wrist of someone later identified as a Hillary Clinton aide.

The Clinton aide and bird were seen being spirited away in a black SUV with tinted windows. We reached out to Clinton and her campaign manager, but they declined to comment on the incident.