Jon Glaser Still Has Hope For a Fourth Season of Delocated



In a recent Q & A with A.V. Club, Jon Glaser was asked by a fan what a fourth season of his cult show Delocated might have included.

Glaser proceeded to drop a bombshell of hope for hardcore Delocated fans and revealed:

I have an idea for a fourth season that I love, and I am still holding out hopes that it might happen, so I’ll hold off saying what any ideas might be until I get a 100 percent confirmed “This is never going to happen” from Adult Swim. Also, to be clear, it wasn’t so much that I “wanted” to do a fourth season. I certainly would have loved to do more, but I also thought it was a perfect place to end it. I am very proud of the show, and especially proud of the finale.

The ground breaking Adult Swim live action fictional reality series premiered in 2009 and follows Jon and his family as they move to New York City to enter the witness protection program after Jon testifies against the Russian mob.

Jon conceals his identity by wearing a ski mask and uses a “micro titanium voice harmonizer” to alter his voice. His arrogant, selfish, and self-absorbed personality gets him into all sorts of funny and sticky situations as he tries to navigate NY life, while trying to stay out of the Russian mob’s crosshairs.

Delocated is drenched with quirky, eccentric satire, and dark, deadpan humor.

The show features an amazing cast of supporting actors including Zoe Lister-Jones, Steve Cirbus, Mather Zickel, Jacob Cogan, Kevin Dorff, Larry Murphy, Jerry Minor, Ali Farahnakian, and guest stars like Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, and Janeane Garofalo.

The comedic genius of Jon Glaser and PFFR is unique and singular. Delocated quickly became a cult classic and one of my favorite TV shows.

When it was announced that Delocated was calling it quits after three seasons, it was devastaing news to fans. The series finale aired on Adult Swim in March of 2013.

Though the chances seem very slim that Adult Swim will revive the series, us hardcore Delocated fans have now been given some hope to hold on to.

Delocated Seasons 1-3 are currently streaming on Hulu Plus.

Here are some of my favorite clips from Delocated: